And It Was Wrong


I became friends with John when we were in the same course straight after secondary college. We started to hang out together a lot. He was fun, hilarious, seemingly confident, and we had similar interests. The first time he slept at my house I set up an extra mattress for him on the floor in my room. He made a half-hearted joke about me putting him on the floor “where he belongs”, which confused me. I told him I thought he would be more comfortable on his own mattress and we left it at that. I wasn’t sexually attracted to him at all and the possibility of us having sex had never even crossed my mind. As time went on ...

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Afraid and Outnumbered

I was about to turn sixteen, and had only ever tried kissing and some heavy petting. I was at a summer program, and had become friends with a group of boys and girls around my age, all of whom I thought were really grown up and cool. A bunch of us made plans to sneak out after curfew and meet up down at the soccer field to smoke cigarettes. A bunch of girls were supposed to go with me but when I got to the field there were only boys, which made me a little nervous. I had a crush on one of the boys, so when he wanted to take a walk across the grass with me I was ...

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Exception To The Rule

A month ago, I went home with a guy. We had just met, he had told me he went to the same university as me, and that he knew a couple of my friends (I have since asked these friends if they knew him and they have no idea who he is). It was 4 am, my friends had all bailed on me, and it would have taken a semi-expensive cab ride for me to get home. We kissed and he said I could sleep on the couch at his place, which was 10 min away. As we walked back to his place, he told me very personal stories and held my hand. I remember feeling a bit uncomfortable, but ...

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The football field

He was a starter on the football team and four years my senior. As a high school freshman, I was beyond ecstatic that he wanted to spend time with me. We talked, we texted, we flirted. One night, he even took me to a senior party- a bonfire. We danced, we talked and we drank... Oh did I ever drink. I was so intoxicated I could barely stand when he decided to take me home. How nice, I thought. While passing the football field, he stepped in front of me and kissed me. It felt wrong, so wrong. It escalated further. I said no. I cried. I said STOP... It didn't stop. Monday at school I was called a slut ...

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