And It Was Wrong


My freshman year in college, I took a class from a professor I really liked. Everyone liked him. He sometimes did borderline inappropriate things in class, like sitting halfway out the window pretending to fall out or talk about wanting to kill himself or leave his wife, but he always said them in a way that was just joking enough where it was OK. I think that was actually part of why everyone liked him—that unpredictable bad boy thing. It wasn’t uncommon at my small school for professors and students to have each other’s phone numbers. I can’t remember why he had mine. I think I called him about an assignment in the first couple weeks of class. The first ...

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Don't know what happened

I went to a party the other night and got really drunk. I was there with some friends who got really drunk, too. It got late and most people were leaving. I saw a friend that I came with passed out on the couch and I went and lay on a couch next to her. The next thing I remember is feeling someone touch me. The lights were out and it was quiet but I could hear someone breathing over me. I felt a hand slip up my dress and then suddenly it was inside of me. I think I slipped off again for a while but later I remember the feeling of someone on top of me. The next ...

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Cab ride

A couple months ago I got a cab late at night in the rain. The cab driver had back seats pushed flat so I didn’t know where to sit. He waved me into the front seat and explained that he had just taken a couple to the airport and the seats were pushed back for their luggage. We made small talk but partway through the drive things got weird. It was like he was looking for any excuse to lean over and touch me. He complimented me on my shirt and asked what material it was made of. I said I didn’t know and he just reached over and ran his hand up and down my shirt. It made me ...

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First date

I had recently gotten out of a long-term relationship that ended badly and my friends convinced me to try online dating. I exchanged a few messages with people but hadn't found anyone I really wanted to get together with until I got a message from a guy named Steve. We messaged back and forth for a little over a week. We talked about our jobs and the things we liked to do. He talked a lot about his dog and had a lot of pictures of his dog in his profile pictures, which I thought was cute. We set up a first date at a local bar. He suggested I pick a bar close to my house so that it ...

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