And It Was Wrong

Don't know what happened

I went to a party the other night and got really drunk. I was there with some friends who got really drunk, too. It got late and most people were leaving. I saw a friend that I came with passed out on the couch and I went and lay on a couch next to her. The next thing I remember is feeling someone touch me. The lights were out and it was quiet but I could hear someone breathing over me. I felt a hand slip up my dress and then suddenly it was inside of me. I think I slipped off again for a while but later I remember the feeling of someone on top of me. The next morning my panties were sort of shoved aside.

A couple of days later I asked my friend if she felt like anything weird had happened while we were asleep and she said no. I don’t know if I believe her. She has a boyfriend, so maybe whoever touched me knew not to touch her.

I think the worst part is just not being entirely sure of what happened. I felt sore the next morning but don’t know from what. I feel upset but I don’t know why. I don’t have insurance but don’t know what I would tell a doctor if I did. I am going to go to Planned Parenthood to get checked for STDs but I’m worried that they’re going to judge me. I wouldn’t want to report to the police even if I could, but there’s nothing I could tell them anyway. I don’t think I will ever know if something happened or what it was. And it was wrong.

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