And It Was Wrong

Best Friends Forever

Since 4th grade my best friend had always been there for me. He was a big brother to me and some of my best memories of growing up were the times we spent killing time in suburbia. We took sex education together. I watched him learn about consensual sex. But I took for granted that he had respect for me and my body. Our last summer together, the day before I left for college, me and my friends were celebrating our last night together with a few drinks. 18 and inexperienced, I drank too much and decided to lay down in my room and soon fell asleep. I awoke in a blur with my best friend of 8 years holding me so tight. He was beside me, his left arm wrapped around me, holding my neck, and his right hand inside my pants. I fought, but nobody heard me and the alcohol seemed to be paralyzing me. I awoke the next morning and blamed myself for being too drunk to prevent it. I left for college, never told anyone, and never returned to the town I grew up in. I blamed myself for 5 years. But I know now the he is the one to blame. He took advantage of his trusting best friend and it was wrong.

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